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XBRL International Seeks Broad Input on Discussion Document

XBRL International has released a document calling for broad input on XBRL.  Per the XBRL International release:

XBRL International, Inc., (XII) released “XBRL: Towards a Diverse Ecosystem” today, a Discussion Document seeking public comment on the future business requirements and technical roadmap for  the XBRL business information standard. The Discussion Document may be downloaded at: http://www.xbrl.org/2010TechDiscussion/2010TechDiscussion.pdf

This document is very, very important for two reasons.  First, it helps one better understand issues relating to working with XBRL today.  Understanding the issues in this document can help you future proof your XBRL implementation today, making sure it fits into the XBRL of tomorrow. Second, it is an opportunity to make XBRL work better in certain situations in the future and reduce the costs you will incure implementing XBRL within your business environment.

The executive summary of the document states three goals of this document:

  1. To make XBRL easier for developers
  2. To make XBRL information more comparable across taxonomies
  3. To facilitate the consumption of XBRL information for a wide range of existing and potential users

The document has a pointer to an online survey where input can be provided to XBRL International.

It appears that there is no requirement that those providing feedback be a member of XBRL International.

I strongly encourage those who have an interest in XBRL to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is a great way to learn about XBRL and create the XBRL you need.  Remember that the deadline for a comment letter or completing the survey is March 19, 2010.

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