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Enabling Ease of Use Using Business Reporting Logical Model

I had mentioned Quantrix before (see the last link in the blog post).  Here is another demo of how they approach articulating business information.

Now, I don't know if they support XBRL.  But imagine editing an XBRL taxonomy using that interface.  The interface hides XBRL, abstracting it out leaving the user to focus on business semantics rather than having to struggle with the XBRL syntax.

Watch that demo.  Then have a look at the business use cases here. Look at the "Rendering" for each of the business use cases, seeing how it might fit into the demo you saw.  What I call a "slicor" on the renderings, they call a "filter".  What I call "Measures", they call "categories".

More later on this...stay tuned!

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