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5151 SEC Financial Filings Get "5 Stars" for Core Financial Semantics

This list of 5151 SEC XBRL financial filings, 93% of the 5525 filings I analyzed, get 5 stars for meeting the core financial semantics constraints.

Granted, it is a small set of constraints, 9 in total, but it is a start.  The interesting thing to me is that I could do this at all.  The information on that rather large HTML page is extracted from SEC XBRL filings without even using an XBRL processor.

So, a beach head has been established. It seems to me that XBRL can in fact work to deliver on the promises made by its advocates (of which I am a member).  I propose that these 5151 filings and the 9 constraints offer clues as to how to get the complete information set for all filers working like a Swiss watch.

The list of 5 star filings has grown from one, to 24, to 92, to 5151. Granted, not a certifiable scientific analysis but positive signs none-the-less.

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