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Revised Set of SEC Filings with 5 Star Ratings, Now 4875

Initially I said that 5151 SEC XBRL financial filings had a "5 Star" rating. It was pointed out to me that I had changed the evaluation criteria, dropping XBRL Cloud's EFM validation as a constraint and thus minimizing EFM validation. This was not my intent.

My intent was to focus on the core financial semantics of the filings.

However, I do accept this criticism and have provided a revised set of filings which both support the core financial semantics which I am trying to point out, but also have no XBRL Cloud EFM validation errors reported.  This revised list can be found here. With this adjustment, the SEC XBRL financial filings which pass both criteria drops to 4875 filings which is 88% of all the filings analyzed.

This is still a good increase.

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