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Business Reporting Platform: WappWolf Helps See the Possibilities

WappWolf is one of the most creative things I have seen in a long time. This videobriefly explains what WappWolf does. Basically, what WappWolf does is provide "stuff" which allows you to put together a workflow.  I tried WappWolf by within a few seconds uploading a file from my computer to my FTP site.  Very straight forward and easy.

I have mentioned Yahoo Pipes before. And I have mentioned M2M before.  This company has an M2M platform.

Imagine a business reporting platform which wires all this type of stuff together.  Business users will not generally get what I am talking about, and there is no need for them to get it.  Some cleaver software vendor will eventually get it, build it, and when business users see this they will use it.

Don't be fooled because all you see is rotating images, uploading files, extract PDF text.  Use a little imagination!

This HL7 presentation talks about what you need for interoperability to be achieved: technical interoperability, semantic interoperability, and process interoperability.  Process = workflow.

Don't think in terms of technical process/workflow.  Imagine business workflow components and/or accounting system workflow components.

Stay tuned if you don't see what I am talking about.  I will dig into this more later.

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