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Updated Logical Model Viewer

I have updated the logical model viewer so that it works with version 6 of the Microsoft XML parser.  I also fixed some bugs which makes this prototype more stable. (Note that this older version works with version 4 of the Microsoft XML parser.)

The prototype works with the:

The logical model is explained in the document Modeling Business Information Using XBRL.  This document contains the most current information. 

There is one potentially confusing thing worth pointing out. All this logical model work started with what was called XBRLS.  While the ideas behind XBRLS were good, the ideas have matured.  The Business Reporting Logical Model (BRLM) developed by the XBRL International Taxonomy Architecture Working Group is the best model which I have seen.  I have applied those ideas to SEC XBRL financial filings, changing only the terms of the BRLM, applying the US GAAP Taxonomy terminology.  The two primary differences are terms "Table versus Hypercube" and "Axis versus Measure".  I realize that this can be confusing, sorry for any inconvenience.

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