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Financial Report Semantics and Dynamics Theory

The Financial Report Semantics and Dynamics Theory is an expository paper which explains the semantics and dynamics of a financial report in terms usable by both business professionals and software developers.

Information within this theory has been evolving for many years.  One big step in the evolution came with the white paper XBRLS: How a Simpler XBRL can Make a Better XBRL. Another big step was the idea of the Business Reporting Logical Model which was based on ideas created by work from the XBRL International Taxonomy Architecture Working Group. Analysis of the many, many SEC XBRL financial filings also contributed.

Many other bits and pieces helped pull the ideas summarized concisely within the Financial Report Semantics and Dynamics Theory.  More and more people are understanding that some sort of logical model is necessary to achieve what is hoped to achieve with XBRL and make working with XBRL easier for business users.

Be sure to check out the prototype financial report creation application which consolidates lots of ideas shared by this blog over the years.

Stay tuned...more to come!  If you care to create a proof which validates or refutes the theory, please contact the document authors.

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