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Updated Source Code and Application

I mentioned an application that I created in a prior blog post.  I have made some significant updates to that application with the help of some others. This new version is worth checking out.

  • Video which shows the application.  This video walks you through the updates to the application.
  • Source code. Updated source code you can download and edit in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (and I heard it worked in Visual Studio 10 also).
  • Run the application now.  Click the link and then click on the "launch" link to run the application or the "Install" to install the application.  (Requires Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5)
  • Metadata.  I made significant updates to the metada which makes the application work. I still have some work to do to categorize the disclosures by topic in the application.  I have most of the pieces put together, but I am still dinking around and figuring out how to best organize it.

Let me know what you think about the application. Have feature ideas or requests? Send them to me and I will see what I can do.

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