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Updated XBRL-Based Financial Report Ontology Prototype

Yesterday I posted this.  I adjusted this creating the following significant updates.

  1. I added presentation relations for everything.
  2. I created one schema which combines everything together, see "All Combined" below.
  3. I changed the cycles attribute on the arcroles I am providing from "none" to "undirected". I was getting some cycle errors; the cycles are OK where I have them.
  4. I updated the Financial Report Ontology a bit, adjusting and adding some things.

Here are the most current versions: (If you are not technical but interested in this, you want this HTML.)

  • All combined: XSD | HTML | XML
  • Financial Report Ontology (fro): XSD | HTML | XML
  • Topics: XSD
  • Disclosures: XSD
  • Key ratios: XSD
  • Fundamental accounting concepts (fac): XSD
  • Fundamental accounting concept rules (XBRL Calculations): XSD
  • Fundamental accounting concept rules (XBRL Formula): XBRL Formula
  • Map US GAAP XBRL Taxonomy to fundamental accounting concepts: XBRL Definitions
  • Arcroles (which provide semantics): XSD

What I want to do next is decouple the schemas and linkbases, making this more modular.  I have documentation and references for a lot of stuff, want to provide that and references.

Most of this information is in a Microsoft Access database. All the XBRL is generated via software, no XBRL taxonomy editor necessary.

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