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Additional and Improved Working Prototypes

Here are several additional and improved working prototypes that I created in order to communicate some things to people.  You can expect this sort of functionality in commercial software eventually.  If you use a little imagination you can start to see the possibilities structured information enables.

All of these prototypes relate to disclosures and examples of disclosures which appear in financial reports. The prototypes were created in order to test metadata and communicate ideas to software vendors:

  1. Disclosure viewer: A financial report is a set of disclosures provided by an economic entity.  This is a list of about 1000 such disclosures which might appear in a financial report.
  2. Understanding Concept Arrangement Patterns: Each disclosure can be categorized into what I call a "concept arrangement pattern".  These are the concept arrangement patterns:
    1. Roll Up: A + B + C + N = Total
    2. Roll Forward: Beginning balance + Changes = Ending Balance
    3. Adjustment: Originally stated balance + Adjustments = Restated balance
    4. Hierarchy: Concepts are related, but not mathematical.
    5. Text Block (Level 1 Note): A Level 1 Text Block is something that the SEC specifies that public companies provide.  Basically, an entire note is provided within a Level 1 Text Block.
  3. Understanding Relation Between Level 3 Disclosure Text Block and Level 4 Detail Disclosure: Public companies are required to provide a Level 3 Text Block and Level 4 Detail for each disclosure.

If you have any ideas of additional demos and prototypes please send me an email.

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