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Updated Digital Financial Reporting Principles Document

I have updated the document Digital Financial Reporting Principles.

Looking at individual XBRL-based financial filings is helpful. Looking across many, many XBRL-based financial filings with a focus on specific aspects of that financial report is likewise beneficial.  Carefully and consciously comparing and contrasting many XBRL-based financial filings helps one build a mosaic, increasing ones understanding of digital financial reports even more. Consciously comparing and contrasting XBRL-based financial reports helps one see and understand important and insightful information about those XBRL-based financial reports.

Digital Financial Reporting Principles offers the following important information:

  • Conceptual overview of an XBRL-based, structured, digital financial report
  • Framework and theory for thinking about a digital financial report
  • Reference implementation of XBRL-based digital financial report
  • Summary of common sense digital financial reporting principles

If you believe that digital financial reporting will play a role in the future of financial reporting, then this document will help you.  Whether you are a professional accountant trying to get your head around this new technology or a software vendor trying to build useful software that professional accountants; Digital Financial Reporting Principles will help you find your niche.

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