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Updated Metapatterns

I have distilled the business use cases I have encountered when modeling financial information into a set of metapatterns.  I have been maintaining these metapatterns for probably ten years. I have released an updated version of these metapatterns.  This newest version can be found here.

Each of these XBRL instances, XBRL taxonomies, and XBRL Formula files has been run through numerous XBRL processors to assure that they are of the highest quality possible. The documentation which explains the metapatterns has likewise been updated.

If you are trying to learn about XBRL, these small examples help you understand the nuances of working with XBRL.  Don't be fooled by the small sizes of these examples.  Each example is packed with information important to creating quality digital financial reports.

You can also get to these metapatterns from the Digital Financial Reporting Wiki page dedicated to these metapatterns.

Thank you to XBRL Cloud for the use of their tool for working with XBRL-based business reports used to both test the metapatterns and to provide screen shots used for the metapattern documentation.


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